Immigration Solicitors

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        CPC is committed to its founding mission to provide effective legal representation on a wide-range of Immigration and Nationality Law matters that result in victories for our clients.We can represent you on issues dealing with:Deportation DefenseAppeals Business Immigration Employer ComplianceFamily ImmigrationWe maintain a professional and proactive approach to successfully reach and achieve solutions to obstacles presented during case resolution. Wesustain ourmission by closely collaborating with clients and keeping them informed about the case status and progress; using the most current legal database to work cases efficiently and effectively; and havingour personnel well informed and knowledgeable of ever-changing immigration laws and government agency policies by attending and participating in symposiums and conferences. Should you be in need of immigration assistance and would like to consult with an experienced attorney, please give us a call or complete the information below and send us an email. Your Name**:Email**:Phone:Subject**:Comment: (** Required Fields)  Please click on Form in English or Form in Spanish, complete the form, and bring it with you to the consultation. We look forward to helping you.Meltwater Newsfeed :In Arizona, a bid to block citizenship for illegal immigrants’ ‘anchor babies’
Under the 14th Amendment, babies born in the United States automatically are citizens ? even if their parents are illegal immigrants. Lawmakers in Arizona and other states are challenging that.Wolf demands report on ICE database
By Tom JackmanRep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) sent a letter to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Thursday, requesting a prompt report on an apparent shortcoming in the agency’s electronic databases, namely the fingerprints of many people deported from this country before 2005.Why Georgia, Arizona differ on immigration
Georgia is not Arizona, and its values are not our values. On the issue of immigration, our highest ideals dictate that we act in a more humane fashion than Arizona has.Republicans want a return to workplace immigration raids
Reporting from Washington ? Deportations of illegal immigrants have reached new heights for two years running under President Obama, statistics show, but Republicans say they’ll use their new majority in the House to press for more aggressive enforcement without any path to legal status.Bill targets employers of undocumented
Rep. Chris Herrod on Wednesday revealed the first Republican-sponsored bill in the Utah Legislature designed to penalize businesses for hiring workers in the country illegally while also trying to require more employers in Utah to participate in the federal E-Verify